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Gianduiotto & Two Scrigni di Chianina

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Il Gianduiotto

It is a great classic of chocolate making. Ours is produced with five types of chocolate with different provenance in order to create a complex and pleasant aromatic balance which, in common with Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, give a decisive but elegant sensation and undoubted satisfaction. The large 600g format can be appreciated in wood with a smooth blade knife, where you can vary the thickness as desired. The advice is to toast a slice of bread and place a nice flake of gianduiotto on it, or accompany it with a good distillate.

Lo Scrigno di Chianina

A dish created to enhance two excellences of our territory: Chianina and extra virgin olive oil. It is an interesting dish for the fusion of flavors, for its cooking oil that leads to not substantially changing the extra virgin olive oil, enhancing its flavors. Hence the possibility of tasting it with pinzimonio. Overall, the dish is very healthy as there are no cooked animal fats or easily digestible and high protein cooked fats. Its ease of use allows it to be consumed at any time and occasion, and once the Chianina is finished, inside the jar, the extra oil can be used to season meat, enhancing its flavor. It can be stored in the closed refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


  • 2 Scrigni di Chainina
  • Pinzimonio
  • Gianduiotto


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