Osteria del Teatro

Via Maffei, 2 Cortona (AR) Telefono +39.0575.630556
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The Halls

L'Osteria del Teatro is located in the heart of Etruscan Cortona, in a building of 1500 restored with great care to maintain the original features in architecture and in the dell'arredamento.Sia for its elegance and for its beauty is definitely one of the most areas of our area. To welcome you to 'entry will find the Chef Emiliano that will make you sit in one of his beautiful dining rooms.
The dining rooms, in style with all the 'decor, are warm and welcoming. Even in these rooms everything is studied in detail and will experience the pleasure to dine in a typical Tuscan.

Our products

  • Il Pistocchio
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    With wooden swivel to obtain the slices.

  • Il Gianduiotto
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    Maxi Format of 600g.
  • Our Oil
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    The extra-virgin olive oil from the Osteria del Teatro.
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    Two Scrigni di Chianina
  • Products Info
    Gianduiotto & Two Scrigni di Chianina
  • Products Info
    Four Scrigni di Chianina
  • Informations
    Dinner ticket for two
    Mostra Menu
  • Informations
    Dinner Tickets for two
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Via Maffei, 2 Cortona (AR)
Telefono +39.0575.630556
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